“Andrew has always had a vivid imagination. He has had a persistent love for drawing ever since he can remember. “

Growing up in a small town in rural Ontario with a surprisingly rich array of fine artists he had no shortage of inspiration to pursue arts of all kinds from sculpting to music. Andrew’s earliest creations were inspired both by the beauty of the nature surrounding him and by the epic worlds of fantasy books, science fiction television, and comic books of his youth that continue inspire his work today.

A highschool co-op landed Andrew his first job in graphic design were he deepened his understanding of fundamental design principles. He would then go on to receive his Bachelor of Applied Arts in Animation from Sheridan College where among other applicable skills he developed an innate and profound sense of wonder for the human form in the intensive traditional figure drawing courses. He draws upon his extensive library of technical knowledge of kinesthetics and figure drawing experience to give clients a unique perspective on how placement and flow can play an important role in the dynamic of a tattoo.

Andrew’s ever evolving style shows his many artistic influences. He approaches a tattoo design conceptually to emphasize a core idea or quality expressed to him by the client. He uses expressive linework and strong sections of tone with line-oriented shading techniques and accents of mood colours to lead the viewers’ eye through the piece. Andrew’s personal pieces are most strongly influenced by comic book art, fantasy illustration and sculpture and often use characters or natural elements as subject matter. His favorite design method is graphite pencil but he also uses ink pen, brushes, coloured pencil and digital painting techniques.

Throughout his conventional education and also through his personal mentorship with talented artists Andrew has crystalized his love for the philosophy of art that drives him. Andrew was taught that drawing is not simply making marks on paper but that there is an invisible world inside the mind that can be felt and sculpted into reality through the mastery of art. He believes this is equally true of tattooing and that by forging connections with clients he can bring these hidden visions to life immortalized in flesh and ink.

“There is nothing in the world quite like tattooing. I feel honored and privileged to be a part of that.”

Andrew has shown unbreakable focus on his path toward mastery of his craft. He considers tattooing to be a tremendous gift through which he can share a small part of himself with the world and leave his mark on history.

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