“Never allow yourself to plateau in a singular style; improve everyday to the best of your ability.”

Influenced by nature themes and portrait art, Calvin Truong first gained an interest in tattooing after seeing a picture of Carlos Torres’ work online.

This interest bloomed instantly and the idea of becoming a tattoo artist quickly flourished and stuck for Calvin. What attracted him and drew him closer to the industry was not only being able to create art onto people’s skin, but the lifestyle and culture that came along with it.

Working out of The Golden Iron Tattoo Studio in Toronto, Calvin specializes in black and grey realism pieces; centering his designs on the balance and contrasting of shadows. His work is often composed of natural elements ranging from wildlife to forestry and abstract shapes.

Calvin highly enjoys tattoo conventions due to the large concentration of multiple artists from around the globe producing different styles, yet sharing the same love for this form of self expression and art.  “It is a great way to expose your own flare, talent and to feel part of the tattoo community.”

His art career started off with oil paintings and slowly branched into VFX design. He then went on to pursue his love for tattooing shortly after. Calvin uses learned techniques by his previous use of different mediums.

“It helps refine the value, composition and the understanding and use of colors. Calvin studied at OCAD University as well as having attended Humber College. Regardless of the diplomas or certificates received; Calvin’s philosophy remains the same:

“Never allow yourself to plateau in a singular style; improve every day to the best of your ability.”

With the amount of artists in the industry, Calvin explains that there should never be a reason to get too comfortable.

Calvin hopes to never stop growing as an artist and feels that with the inspiration of his peers and the many talented artists in the industry surrounding him that this is not something that would be possible.

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