“Gregory believes the art of tattooing has the capability of being deemed a visual language. It allows the wearer to convey messages both cryptic and literal.  As the artist; Gregory feels his role is to interpret and apply the concepts put forward by his clients to create flowing designs that compliment, enhance, and depict messages in an aesthetically pleasing way and to give each bearer a unique one of a kind piece of art.”

Gregory started his career as a tattooist in 2011 at the age of 31. After years of both studying and working in the fine arts and design fields; his body of work encompasses classical animation, exhibit painting and graphic media design for both the film and music industries.

His process ideally begins with a consultation wherein the client and artist both have the opportunity to meet one another and get the chance to discuss concept, design and placement of their tattoo. Said initial process allows clients to get to know him on a more personal level. This is an important aspect of his work; it helps add a concise understanding for both parties: insuring the best possible design outcome based on the clients needs and the artists capabilities and vision.

The aesthetics he employs in his work consists mostly of black ink applications; although he is not opposed to working in color pending the request and prior consultation of the design.

Utilizing layout sensibilities ranging from traditional indigenous arts to modern graphics; his goal is to create visually flowing and intelligible work that is applied to skin via the use of various tattooing techniques.

At the forefront of his work, and most notably is his use of stippling and dot-work, the techniques lend themselves to ornamental art motifs which are then used to enhance the concept, layout and theme of the tattoo. Thus creating work that is both mesmerizingly beautiful, and tonally drastic.

Gregory believes that tattooing is not just a career, but a lifestyle choice that he is both honored and proud  to be a part of.

He has found inspiration as an artist in an industry that is growing in technical knowledge and creative application.  An inspiration that is explorative and educational.

Gregory’s home base is at Golden Iron Tattoo Studio located in Toronto, Ontario. Canada.

In the near future he looks forward to taking his craft on the road by way of guest spotting and convention circuits.

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