“I’ve always felt like someone with an old soul but a new look, I think that translates into my

Taylor Schmid creates a unique style influenced by traditional tattooing and
blackwork. Her bold lined, heavy contrast pieces are perfect for those who want a new look but
appreciate the classic feel of traditional tattooing.

Her flash art brings in all types of people who are looking to get a truly original and lasting
piece of artwork. She has the ability to take something seemingly regular and make it beautiful, As
well as put creative concepts to paper to give her clients exactly what they want.

“The art room in high school was always my sanctuary, I remember spending every lunch and spare I
had in that room. There was no better feeling then seeing my my art on the walls. And now that same
amazing feeling has only been amplified by seeing my art on peoples skin.”

Before becoming a tattoo artist Taylor was a pasty chef working in BC, using her steady hands to
create deserts and delicate cakes. She was working at a resort when she got her first piece of
artwork done by a tattoo artist named Kirk Sheppard. An experience that truly inspired her and
showed her a side of the tattoo industry she hadn’t seen yet.

“I watched him sketch up my tattoo in 20 minutes and it was perfect, better then I could’ve
imagined. I thought to myself, thats a true artist. I want to be like that.” “He was a pro, clean
and creative. Everything I aspired to be.”

That moment started a chain of events that lead Taylor to tattooing. She focused more and more time
on her art, working on her speed and technique. After a few years, and some very encouraging words
from the people closest to her, she was quitting her job and moving to Toronto to pursue a career as
a tattoo artist.

“It’s the best choice I have ever made. I got so lucky finding Golden Iron, the people and the
environment are amazing. I have never felt more at home in my life. Tattooing as an industry is
endless and thats what I love about it. Everyday is different and I know as long as I’m doing this
job i’ll always be learning something new and bettering myself as an artist.”

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