“Yuni takes every tattoo that she does, big or small personally; and takes great honor in knowing that you have placed your trust in her.”

Born and raised in Xi’an China and currently residing in Toronto, Ontario; Yuni Wu is a skilled 25 year old Tattoo Artist that has been practicing her craft since 2011. She has drawn for as long as she can remember and as a small girl would never go without paper and pencil. Yuni studied Chinese ink paintings and watercolor from grade 3.  She then enrolled in art school at the age of 12 in grade 7.

Yuni first showed an interest in graphic design but then realized after getting her first tattoo; ironically at Golden Iron Tattoo Studio that tattooing was the career path she would be choosing to pursue.

She nonetheless decided to continue attending school for graphic design at Humber College whilst constantly pushing aside her lingering thoughts of becoming a professional Tattoo Artist. She slowly started realizing that tattooing was the only job she was meant for and craved to do with such an immense passion. Yuni at first did not receive the support she was looking for from her family and friends regarding the new career path she had paved for herself. She decided to not give up and was set on showing everyone what she was truly capable of. Gradually her relatives and peers started recognizing her talent and registering that she was indeed built for this profession.

Yuni has always loved and appreciated all types of art but nothing could compare to the satisfaction that this unique form of self expression would bring to her life. Yuni’s portfolio contains a wide array of tattooing styles; thus proving that she is indeed a well rounded artist who refuses to be recognized for doing only one style of tattoo.

She is in high demand for watercolor style tattoos but enjoys working with black and grays just as well as colors. “Both are satisfying and rewarding in their own right”.Yuni is not committed to any specific trend; she prefers working with clients and assisting them bring their ideas to life.

She takes every tattoo that she does, big or small personally; and takes great honor in knowing that you have placed your trust in her; helping mark a moment in time, covering up past mistakes, remembering loved ones, telling your story and most of all expressing yourself through her.

Yuni’s goal is to keep growing and developing as an artist. She is looking to take on new challenges that each tattoo will bring her way and continuing to form solid relationships with coworkers, customers and friends while steadily perfecting her art.

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