Small fine line lily tattoo

Your Guide to Fine Line Tattoos

Less is more with this style of tattoo. Micro fine-line tattoos are increasingly popular for those looking for dainty, delicate and understated pieces. What are fine line tattoos? While fine lines can be any size, the growing trend is small, mainly black and gray tattoos with soft shading. Compared to other styles, fine-line tattoos are […]

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Tattoo healing guide

Did you just get a brand new tattoo? Were you aware that your job is not done until the healing process has been finished? Once the tattoo has been completed and you have left the shop, the proper after care of your tattoo will now be your responsibility. This is no longer the artists undertaking, […]

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What if I don’t like my tattoo?

You may find yourself with a tattoo that for whatever reason you wish you no longer had. It may be the name of an ex-partner, a piece you may have gotten as a teenager or an impulsive decision made while inebriated. However, you do not need worry too much as there are a few methods […]

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