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    Jenny is an aspiring and hard-working tattoo artist rapidly gaining quite a bright reputation in the tattooing industry.

    Jenny is excels in creating beautifully detailed tattoo designs and delivering them masterfully on to skin. Despite not having an art-related degree; her dedication and passion combined with her unarguable talent gave her an edge over most other applicants with academic backgrounds in art. Her degree in applied mathematics also actually aided her artistic vision within a philosophical level beyond just illustrating.

    “Why being a tattoo artist, you ask?”; . “Jenny explains: “To me, tattooing is a very unique form of art. I feel like my job never really feels like work. I get to do what I love on a daily basis, and it feels so so magical and potent.” A tattoo is a piece of art; proof of an artist’s creative capabilities mixed with a technical prowess.

    To Jenny, this comes off as a simulacrum of all life’s beauty. “Every line I draw will end up on my client’s body forever. And that’s absolutely insane when you really think about it in that fashion.” Jenny compares with much grace that “As I work on a tiny little bird tattoo, my hand flows with grace and intention. i carefully select needles, ensuring a swift and painless inking process. You see, this bird will be there forever. This sense of permanency is so powerful about tattooing. I’m giving this piece of art to someone who will proudly wear it for a lifetime”