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“Jon has a fondness for designs involving math, symmetry, geometric patterns, mandalas, and Celtic symbols, although he is known to branch into anything for his client.”


During long conversations while getting his back tattooed at Golden Iron, Jon decided to apply for an apprenticeship. Next thing he knew, Jon was practicing drawing tens of thousands of straight lines while working towards becoming a full-time tattoo artist.

Jon now works in several styles of tattooing, but has a particular fondness for designs involving math and symmetry: geometric, mandalas, pattern work, and Celtic, to name a few. Lines, both bold and fine, patterns, colour, symmetry and dots — so many dots — are the key elements in many of his designs, although he’d been known to branch into everything from simple floral to full-colour neotraditional for his clients.

Pulling influences from countless tattoo artists over the past 20 years, as well as fine art, graphic design and classic ornamentation, Jon loves the entire process of tattooing. From discussing rough ideas with clients, to creating a design, to the tattooing of the design, every step of the process contributes to creating a tattoo the client will love for the long term.

Unlike many other art forms, tattooing is personal; the relationship between artist and client is the most important aspect of the process, and Jon strives for clear communication throughout all the steps of getting tattooed. It’s a tattoo, it’s going to hurt, but that doesn’t mean the whole process needs to.