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    Kwan’s works speak for itself, but knowing his background in the field would is more surprising than expected.


    Kwan surprisingly has no art background whatsoever. He did not start at an art school, he did not take part in any sort of artsy activities and until the age of  25 he was left doing all kinds of odd jobs to just to ensure the bills were paid.

    However Kwan always has had a passion for art and finally pent up the nerve to quit his mundane jobs and focus his everything on learning how to draw and then shortly after to tattoo. A passion he never truly knew he had. This came so naturally to Kwan that he eventually decided to enrol in art school to master his craft; and spent 3 years trying to grasp all the knowledge needed to continue the journey he had begun to devote his life to.

    Kwan specializes in black and gray realism.

    “I enjoy doing portraits of people; people that clearly mean/meant the world to my clients for them to devote having them on their skin forever. A single person can have such a large impact on someones life and for me to be able to commemorate this for my clients means everything to me.”

    Kwan adds “what other job has such amazing qualities that being a tattoo artist offers!? Not only can I help put a smile on my clients face, knowing that I was able to make that happen for them is a serendipitous feeling that is hard to put in words.”

    “I learn more and more as the years go by and strive to be the best version of myself and the best tattooist I can push myself to be. I am thankful for this job and each and every client that trusts me with their bodies and ideas”.