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“Mia is a Toronto-based artist at Golden Iron.”


Having attended The University of Toronto as a finance specialist, she is extremely analytical with a great attention to detail. Mia has developed a unique style of illustrative tattooing using numerous tattoo techniques to create detailed delicate pieces.

Mia enjoys tattooing sceneries and landscapes but is not limited to that by any means. She continues to refine her craft daily and is seeking to create artwork that is able to withstand the test of time and the changes of trends.

Mia explains “I know each tattoo is going to be with the client forever, and I am truly honored to have their trust. It’s absolutely gratifying and humbling that with my help, clients can mark meaningful and memorable moments through the art of tattoo. Each tattoo means as much to me as it does to the client. I am forever grateful for each and every person that gives me the opportunity to do what I love.”