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    Rainy is a third year undergraduate at the University of Toronto with a double degree in mathematics and computer sciences. Although her major has nothing to do with the arts; this does not stop her enthusiasm for the subject matter at all.


    Rainy prefers clear lines and a limited palette, and uses color as an embellishment to her pieces. She also likes to incorporate traditional meticulous Chinese painting techniques to enrich the details of her work.

    Rainy’s hand poke tattoos have a total different style compared to her machine work. “The specific feeling and texture that hand poke brings really separates the two styles for me” Rainy explains. “Hand poking is more of an inclined way to express different aspects and contrasts of black and grey work for me while tattooing with a machine allows me to explore a larger variety of artistic pieces with different textured layers for my clientele. Regardless of which the client prefers both excite me equally to bring peoples ideas to life on skin.”